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The Order of Knowledge (Avebury Series in Philosophy)

The Order of Knowledge (Avebury Series in Philosophy)

$ 6.75
This book offers a radical analysis of our contemporary cultural malaise by showing how our efforts to solve our problems are misdirected because they are built on fundamentally flawed intellectual commitments. It takes seriously the analysis Plato gave of the logical dynamic of the mind/body system created by classical culture and shows how the commitment to classical culture and classical solutions, from the Renaissance to the present, has led to a re-enactment of Platonic logic. In exploring the way in which our society has ordered its knowledge, and educated to secure that order, this book will provide a thought-provoking analysis for philosophers, social scientists and educationalists. By distinguishing between the ideological burden of our classical inheritance and the achievements and possibilities of society freed from that burden, it will give hope to those who rightly value the free market society but who know that its ideology harms its progress.

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