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Take Two Tablets: Medicine from the Bible

Take Two Tablets: Medicine from the Bible

$ 7.10
TAKE TWO TABLETS is the drug needed to fight epidemics such as obesity and hypertension. The authors take the reader on a journey into the Bible and find the roots of preventive medicine. This fascinating book offers valuable advice on diet, sex, and even depression; it is a comprehensive guide to healthy living.--Professor Talia Miron - Schatz Director,Institute for the Study of Medical Decision Making Ono Academic College, Kiryat Ono, Israel

The diverse topics address the widerange of connectedness of all healing pathways of religions, nutrition, sex andlongevity, medical ethics, stress, and the future of man. The authors wrote and rewrote numerous drafts in order to findelements that would interest you all:worldly readers, medical doctors and scientists; religious philosophers andsecular thinkers; and biblical scholars, atheists, and the faithfulfrom across the spectrum of world religions andcultures. "When wedecided to write this manuscript dealing with many serious topics such as life anddeath and sex, we wanted the book to carry some lighthearted, energy, so youcould simply enjoy!" Dr. Kash explained.

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