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Sunstar 8-361949E E-Nickel Works Z Stainless Steel Sprocket

Sunstar 8-361949E E-Nickel Works Z Stainless Steel Sprocket

$ 70.43
Sunstar's Works Z Off Road rear sprocket is the most unique and lightest fully steel sprocket on the market. New Electro-less Nickel coating for tough, great looking finish. Weighing up to 40 percent less than the standard steel option.

Sunstar Works-Z sprockets are tougher and lighter than the competition, plus they feature a unique design that helps keep your entire drive system clean. This can significantly extend the life of related parts.

This unique off-road sprocket is stamped from 100% heat treated 410db stainless steel, and is finished with an electro-less nickel plating that gives it a tough looking, durable coating. Its unique offset tooth design is immediately recognizable. This design acts as a self-cleaning mechanism that keeps the chain and sprockets more free of mud and debris build up. This helps to significantly extend the life of the entire drive system.

From a performance standpoint, no other sprocket will outlast the Works Z, as it can provide up to 3 times the product life of standard steel and 10 times or more the life of any aluminum sprocket. It's nearly twice the hardness of standard steel, and provides a 20% increase in lateral strength. All of these durability traits are applied on top of being able to significantly reduce the weight of the sprocket. Depending on the application, the Works Z sprocket will weigh 35-40% lighter than the average standard steel counterpart (with same application and tooth size).

This is the only full steel sprocket on the market today that can give you the combination of long life, reduced weight, and improved cleaning capabilities. When combined with Sunstar Powerdrive Countershaft sprockets and a 520XTG Works chain, you'll have the longest lasting drive system available on the market today.

  • 100 percent heat treated stainless steel construction
  • Exclusive off set tooth design for self cleaning of the drive system, resulting in extended chain and sprocket life
  • Up to 40 percent lighter than standard steel
  • up to 10 times the product life of aluminum
  • includes hardware kit (nuts, bolts, washers)

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