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Parker PM100-30AE-DO Fulflo Poly-Mate Filter Cartridge, Pleated Depth

Parker PM100-30AE-DO Fulflo Poly-Mate Filter Cartridge, Pleated Depth

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Parker PM100-30AE-DO Fulflo Poly-Mate Filter Cartridge, Pleated Depth, Polypropylene Medium and Natural Polypropylene Core, 1-1/16" ID, 2-1/2" OD, 30" Length, 10 Micron

This Parker Fulflo PolyMate series pleated filter cartridge is for multi-purpose filtration in industrial process applications. It has a polypropylene core with a pleated, natural polypropylene medium for performance consistency. This filter is high-efficiency rated (99 percent) for critical process applications, and its high-pleated surface area extends service life, low-pressure drop and high-flow capacity. Its irregular, outer layer helps reduce surface blinding, helping to ensure longer cartridge life and full utilization of entire cartridge. This filter cartridge is Food and Drug Administration/Code of Federal Regulations (FDA/CFR) Title 21 compliant, and is acceptable for potable and edible liquid contact. This filter cartridge is suitable for photographic, plating, chemical processing, food and beverage and coating applications.

Industrial process filter cartridges and bags remove pollutants and submicronic contaminants from a variety of process industry applications. When combined with companion vessels or housing units, the cartridges achieve microfiltration by trapping particles within the layers of the filter material within the cartridge. Filter cartridges are available in a multitude of configurations, sizes, and materials, such as membrane filters, pleated filters, and depth media, among others. Filter cartridges can be constructed of FDA-grade cotton, rayon, and polypropylene, or industrial grade polypropylene or cotton, for example. Some have solid cores, which are commonly made of tinned steel, stainless steel, or polypropylene. Industrial process filters and bags are used in a wide range of applications, including food processing, chemical processing, petroleum oils, paints, inks and coatings, among others.

Parker Hannifin manufactures electromechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic motion technologies and systems. The company, founded in 1918 and headquartered in Cleveland, OH, provides fluid handling, filtration, sealing and shielding, climate control, process control, and aerospace technologies.


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