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Sheepskin/Char Innersole Sheepskin Insole Men's - Open Box

  • 1977

Old Friend Men's 481142-M Sheepskin/Charcoal Innersole Old standbys get new life when cozied up with the sheepskin insole from Old Friend. Designed to be cut to fit, this cushy insole will coddle your hardworking feet from the very first step. Now, even a favorite old pair of sneakers or dress shoes can seem as comfortable as your favorite Old Friend slippers.

These Sheepskin and Charcoal Inserts feature an easy-to-use trim guide that allows you to adjust these inserts to any sized shoe. The layer of activated charcoal absorbs foot odor. These inserts will help keep your feet warm in the winter and dry in the summer.

Let your shoes become the ultimate in comfortable footwear with the Sheepskin and Charcoal Inserts. 481142

Slip these pillowy Old Friend insoles into almost any shoe and make every step softer. Fluffy sheepskin envelops with warmth in the winter and wicks away moisture on warmer days. We love the addition of an activated charcoal foam layer for extra cushioning and superior odor control.

  • Sheepskin
  • Synthetic sole
  • Trim guide lets you adjust them to any size
  • Activated charcoal controls foot odor
  • Genuine sheepskin for comfort


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