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Odyssey in Time: The Magellan Project and Beyond

Odyssey in Time: The Magellan Project and Beyond

$ 12.51
Finally! The Magellan Project, and its long-awaited sequel, together in one combined volume!!! In the twenty-sixth century, ten extremely-gifted children are selected from all over the world. Their mission: to embark on a 130-year journey to another planet and establish a colony there. Among them is Dr. Arunna Das, who is a twelve-year-old native of India, a medical doctor, counselor and genetic engineer. Her job: to provide the rest of the young crewmembers with moral support, and comfort during this highly-stressful mission. The trip is full of difficulties – caused by anxiety, homesickness, high-speed collisions with space rocks, and deadly technical problems that could render their mission a failure. Will these representatives of mankind live to see this new world? How is the future tied to the mysterious 1947 Roswell UFO crash? What lessons can be learned in this tale of the future of humanity?

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