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Mini USB Fan For Your Laptop or Powerbank.

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Mini Cute Portable Flexible USB Fan Bendable removable Fan USB Gadgets Low power For Powerbank for PC for laptop


This item is made of high quality silicone material, beautiful and delicate, well designed and conveniently applied to use, perfect match for power bank, PC, pad, etc.



 Supplying adequate and comfortable air volume, with super mute, ultra-quiet design.

 Plug and play, easily suitable for power bank, PC, pad, etc, via USB interface.

 Flexible, portable and detachable.

 Can be powered by devices with USB port, no external power required.

 Durable soft fan blades made of high quality silicone, environmentally friendly, light weight and excellent feel, without injury possibilities.  



 Material: Silicone

 Rated Voltage: 5V

 Rated Power: 1W



No over bending when adjusting the angle; no removing motor from the fan.