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In My Room Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector LNC

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Like new condition, slight damage to original packaging. Item has been inspected.
Style:Star Theater

Product Description

Watch as hundreds of stars and constellations are projected on your ceiling and walls. It's like being in a real planetarium! Set the constellation to view any season, month, day and hour. Download an exciting audio tour of the night sky at!

Here’s a rare indoor toy that’s likely to make kids excited to get outside. The Star Theater II home planetarium can be used inside a darkened room to project a vast panorama of stars on the walls and ceilings. It comes equipped with an audio CD to guide budding astronomers through the learning process as well as a hand held "meteor maker" which allows you to reenact meteors without waiting around for decades to see them. We found the scientific information helpful, accurate, and, best of all, approachable for even novice stargazers. The kit can also be brought outside to illuminate (rather than project) and serve as a map to the heavens. --Charlie Williams

  • Projects hundreds of stars, planets and constellations on walls and ceiling
  • Includes web code to download audio tour of the night sky that stores under base
  • Accurate to season, month, day and hour
  • Portable for indoor and outdoor use

2-B-2 DC E A

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