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CowboyStudio Dual Power AC/DC 110v Mettle 600W Flash Light,Recharge Battery Pack LNC

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Like New Condition, Missing Sync Cord but otherwise good working order.

The Cowboy Studio Dual Power AC/DC 110v Mettle 600W Flash, Indoor/Outdoor Professional Strobe Flash Light, with Rechargeable Battery Pack is used in photography to produces an instantaneous flash of artificial light at a color temperature of about 5500 K to help illuminate a scene. This is a higher powered strobe light that can be used both outdoor and indoor and is good for studio work and larger scale on location shoots alike. It is high quality and easy to adjust, both in position and brightness. It can act as a slave, making this strobe easy to use in any environment.

Circle flash tube: Color temperature: 5500K.
200 flashes at 300WS
100 flashes at 600WS
Flash power setting: 1/8 to 1/1 power
Recycling time: 3-7 sec.
Flash Triggering: Optical Sensor, Sync cord, and Test button
Power input: 110 volts
Modeling light: with on/off switch.
Include a 7 inch reflector on each strobe.
Charge time for battery pack is approximately 5 hours
Nickel-Hydrogen Metal Battery
Use in both outdoor or indoor

  • One (1) 600 WS Flash tube
  • One (1) Battery pack (includes canvas outer case with shoulder strap, AC charger, and 10m DC power cord)
  • One (1) 7" reflector (Includes umbrella slot),
  • One (1) 10m (33') Sync Cord, 5m (16.5') grounded power cord,
  • One (1) 150w Halogen Modeling lamp, protective cap for flash tube and instruction manual.

1-B-1 DC E A

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