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Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag Outdoor Sleeping Bag Adult Regular Blue

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Size: 33 x 75 INCH Weight: 85 OZ 110 years of tradition of COLEMAN brand sleeping bag. It can be used for various purposes such as camping, fishing, etc. It is a neat design that goes well with camping. Because it is a rectangular sleeping bag, you can move freely without feeling frustration at bedtime. If you put a sleeping bag in the case, you can carry it conveniently when you move. (I Will Give A Bag Ring To Everyone Who Purchased.)

  • Can Be Used For Many Seasons For Three Seasons
  • The Material Is Made Of Polyester.
  • Suitable For Use On Any Trip, Such As Camping Or Fishing
  • Children And Adults Alike Can Use It Freely.
  • A Thick Sleeping Bag Warms Me Up In The Freezing Weather, Which Makes It Easy To Sleep at Night.

5-B-4 DC

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