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Cancer, Faith & Butterflies: How do you believe when your world falls apart?

Cancer, Faith & Butterflies: How do you believe when your world falls apart?

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"Reader Favorite Review"         "a very personal story to me. My own grandfather passed away from cancer this year and it seemed like author Sanchez knew exactly how I felt. He writes about the confusion and heartbreak with such detail that I instantly related to the characters, and I feel many other readers will as well. And the faith message written into this novel is touching and yet realistic. There are no magical changes of heart nor does everything instantly poof into perfection. It's a tough road, but it ends the way it should. Not only is this a great read for a rainy summer day, but I feel there are life lessons that can be gleaned from the pages and the characters within them. I hope to read more from author Sanchez, and enjoy more of the touching,realistic situations he creates. A beautiful piece with minimal errors."  Samantha Coville, Book Editor & author of "Blood Oath & Blood Island"  "Reader Favorite Review"     "took me through myriad emotions as I began to look through the eyes of Johnny M.Sanchez in his character Joe. Cancer, Faith, & Butterflies was so well-written that it had a surreal element to its story line, as if you were watching a movie. I felt like I was a part of the book. As a believer, whether it's cancer, or any other type of illness, the path we are traveling in our lessons is not always about us, but others. In all things seek Him, meditate on His word day and night. Just as for Joe, it was Brooke's unwavering walk that was the catalyst to his personal relationship with God."   - Vernita Naylor, Small Business Owner & author of "Get the Cheese, Avoid the Traps""Reader Favorite Review"                "a well-written story. So human,and so believable. It's a very inspiring story. The prose is beautiful and the author has the gift of touching the deepest fears in readers and creating a stream of consciousness in characters that readers will easily identify with.This beautiful story reminded me so much of Tears at Night, Joy at Dawn:Journal of a Dying Seminarian by Andrew Robinson. It's a powerful testament of faith, featuring very normal and believable characters, asking questions that everyone faced with the mystery of suffering and faith would ask. Johnny M.Sanchez has created a beautiful and moving story that readers will want to keep in their hearts, especially during trying moments."   - Christian Sia reviewer for "Readers' Favorite's""Reader Favorite Review"            "a captivating story about love and faith that will tug at your heartstrings. It is the tale of a man's pain that seemed to have no end and how it made him question his faith. Joe's pain and suffering has many vital lessons for the reader about finding the best in life,losing it all, hitting rock bottom in your faith, and finding yourself again.It is testimony that at every moment in life, even at the most trying of times,God is always with us. Johnny M. Sanchez captures precious moments and raw emotions with his words, giving us an amazing story that will touch many hearts. This is a story about love, pain, loss, miracles, and divine enlightenment. Thank you, Johnny M. Sanchez, for one of the most amazing, most profound and most memorable stories I have ever read. You might want to keep some tissues handy; I had tears in my eyes the entire time I was reading this story, but I also had many smiles for the beautiful miracles that glowed through the shadows."  - Faridah Nassozi, "Freelance Writer & Speaker""Reader Favorite Review"...Sanchez's writing style is unhurried; it is very patient. He delicately interweaves his cast of characters, causing their paths to cross, stitching them together with precision...                          Cheryl E. Rodriguez, Author of "What's Your Story & Exposed"

Endorsement - "This book is truly powerful; I dare anyone not to tear up while reading it." Courtney Lindemann, Editor

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