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Astray: The Tricksters Trademark

Astray: The Tricksters Trademark

$ 11.00
Two college students place microvoltage implants into the brain of animals to stimulate the release of endorphines to reward the animal for making the right physical movement. Seeking wealth Fred Churchill and Sal Winthrop perform a demonstration for the government. They are promptly invited to become full time veterinarian scientists at an isolated goverment run facility to pursue refinement of their technology. At first elated by their good fortune they soon discover the manipulation of animals is intended to be used for military purposes. Fearing potentially deadly recourse they conclude the only option is to perfect the technology while simultaneously finding a way to neutralize it due to the realization that creature manipulation for such purposes could likely have significant and disastrous environmental repercussions as mankind would retaliate by eliminating suspected species potentially resulting in environmental chaos. As part of their refinement process the government directs them to combine their accomplishment with genetic manipulation, enhancing the capabilities of each species while exploring the boundaries of species susceptible toward such manipulations. Primarily focusing on canines, a multitude of creatures become test subjects including birds, primates, reptiles and marine creatures including sharks. Sal is killed by a number of deliberately placed venomous snakes released into their shared apartment. As a result of his attempt to escape the assault of the serpents he succeeds in opening the door and allowing the creatures to victimize others reeking havoc at the facility. The survivor manages to escape taking a canine with him to be used as evidence of the insidious science with the intention of ending the inhumane experimentation. He is captured but the canine escapes and is found by an unwitting victim who eventually adopts the dog after accidentally hitting it with his car. At first suspicious of the pit bull he and his wife determine it is friendly and, failing to locate its owner through local classifieds decide to keep it. Soon forced into unemployment through attrition the aging man, George Monroe is convinced to fight the dog, unaware the genetically manipulated creature possesses the capabilty of communicating with all other creatures. As a result of it being fought its demeanor changes and the canine becomes vicious, recruiting other creatures to retaliate in a malicious assault against humanity. In a never before released part two of the story Fred Churchill is released from confinement to serve the government in trying to resolve the ongoing attacks of animals against people. He recruits and American Indian elder that somehow knew the canine wasn't natural and predicted the environmental imbalance resulting from genetic manipulations. In their quest for resolution they discover that human beings have also been altered, including being given wings giving them the capability to fly. The mutant humans, intended to be used as ultimate soldiers are passive, defiantly non-violent. Although fully capable and possessing more than human strength they are docile unless threatened. When a pregnant females unborn are threatened the winged humans join forces with Fred and the Indian to control the rampage of the earths creatures and expose the cover up of the governmental experiments that prompted the global chaos.

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