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Aricasa Professional Floor Broom, Red, Hard, 3 Count

Aricasa Professional Floor Broom, Red, Hard, 3 Count

$ 54.99
Pushing Broom For Cleaning Pavements And Walls In The Food Industry And All Those Professional Areas Where Hygiene Is A Priority. Pbt Fiber Available Soft, Medium And Hard In 5 Color Codes According To HACCP Regulations..

  • Long-lasting, hard-wearing, heat tolerant and detergent resistant.
  • The fibers are n on-absorbent meaning product dries from water contact in a short time.
  • The base is made of a solid plastic that guarantees a smooth and hygienic surface.
  • Thoroughly clean each item after use, in autoclave at 270 DegreeF or in boiling water, in order to remove bacteria.
  • Achieve the following targets: specificity - each area or compartment is assigned a different color, visibility - each item is immediately identified and hygiene - the use and cleaning of the same products is restricted to a specific area.

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