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LED Solar Powered Multipurpose AnyTime Light By TrekUltra

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A Nifty All Purpose LED AnyTime Light!

UFO Light That Is Pretty Awesome

This UFO Light Is Perfect For Backpacking, Camping or As An Emergency Light! Gotta Get Yours Here :

Posted by DealSpin on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

This Is A Truly Unique Product!

The multiple uses that we can get from this light is pretty cool and it's solar powered too.  

"As you Can See We Used This For Our Son And His Halloween Candy Bucket or Bag So We Could Track Him Down During Our Trick Or Treating Adventures.  He Was Right Where I Could See Him The Entire Night Taking The Stress Out Of Trick Or Treating."


  • 10 POWERFUL LED LIGHTS with 4000mcd light source. High efficient solar panel quickly transfers SOLAR ENERGY to ELECTRIC ENERGY and save in built-in rechargeable battery. Charge under direct sunlight and incandescent light


  • It Takes About 8 Hours To Charge To Get 6-12 hours Of Light. There Are 3 Settings For The Light MEDIUM, HIGH, & STROBE LIGHT.
  • One Solar Magnetic Light can cover 12 to 15 feet zone coverage of space. Just imagine if you have 4-5 of these solar lights. You can achieve maximum coverage of light where you need them the most.
  • Use it as a back up in case of an emergencies such as a power failure during a storm. Store them in your cars, closets, boats, sheds, garages, attics, bagpacks during outdoor activities, and many more.