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Anchor 3123 Transmission Mount

Anchor 3123 Transmission Mount

$ 42.99
Transmission MountsOEM quality performance fit form & function full-line coverage huge inventory and great service.The purpose of the transmission mount is to support the transmission on the chassis and dampen vibration and noise from reverberating to the rest of the vehicle.Key Features & Benefits Include:-Both natural and SBR (Styrene Butadiene) rubber provide good abrasion resistance and aging stability to ensure maximum life and performance-All rubber material is manufactured to specific Durometer (hardness) measurements based on the vehicle's application requirements-All fasteners are made of hardened steel with heat treated Grade #5 Bolts-A special Chemlock bonding agent is used to ensure a superior rubber-to-metal bond-Hydraulic Mounts (applicable where OE) are designed for most front wheel drive vehicles because transverse drive train mounting

  • Anchor Auto Trans Mount 3123

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