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Advanced Probiotics for Dogs and Cats by iDash Pets- Best Natural Powder Pet Probiotic Supplement- Relieves Dog Bad Breath, Constipation, Skin Allergies, Diarrhea- Aids Digestive Health - 6 oz

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WHAT WE'RE ALL ABOUT We love our pets and we are always looking for ways to keep them happy and healthy. Our search for high quality supplements to promote our pet's health is what led to the creation of iDash Pets. iDash Pets was established in Texas to provide safe, affordable, and high-quality pet supplements. The health and well-being of your beloved pet is very important to us. We take great care in crafting premium quality natural supplements containing safe and healthy ingredients you can feel good about giving your pets. WHY iDASH PETS PROBIOTICS FOR YOUR PETS? A healthy digestive system is essential to the overall health of your pet. A normal intestinal tract can maintain the proper balance of harmful and beneficial bacteria. However, during times of stress or illness, the balance of intestinal bacteria can become altered and lead to signs of digestive upset including vomiting, diarrhea and flatulence (gas). iDash Pets has created a highly effective, all natural, advanced probiotic powder formula consisting of the perfect balance of 5 clinically proven pet-specific probiotic strains together with prebiotics (inulin), 74 natural minerals and the nutrient rich antioxidant Hawaiian Kona Berry for an additional health boost. A daily dose of our probiotic will help improve your pet's overall digestive health allowing them to live a happier, healthier life.

aids digestive health
boosts immune system
promotes healthy skin & coat
strengthens bones and muscles
reduces allergy symptoms
reduces yeast issues
promotes regular bowel functions (diarrhea & constipation)
better overall health and energy levels


No more pills! No more bad tasting chews! No more sprays!
Odorless/tasteless pet-invisible powder makes this probiotic one of the easiest ways to give your dog the additional digestive help he or she may need.
For optimal health benefits, sprinkle once daily over wet or dry food and mix in.
No refrigeration is necessary


NATURALLY SUPPORTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Our probiotics are enriched with Hawaiian Kona Berry which is packed with powerful, nutrient-rich antioxidants that help:
protect cells from free radical damage
support optimal cardiovascular health
cognitive function

MADE IN THE USA UNDER STRICT QUALITY STANDARDS All of our supplements are made in the USA with all natural, human grade ingredients. We follow strict procedures to ensure that each product surpasses our extreme standards, creating high quality, safe and beneficial supplements that produce results.

REMARKABLE IMPROVEMENT IN GUT HEALTH WITHIN DAYS Does your cat or dog exhibit any of the following symptoms? 1. Itching and scratching? 2. Loose stools or diarrhea? 3. Dry, sensitive skin or allergies? 4. Gas or bad breath? If you answer YES to any of these questions, then iDash Pets Probiotics may be the life-changing solution you're looking for.

  • DRY POWDERS ARE MORE STABLE THAN LIQUIDS AND CHEWS – and will deliver more benefit to your pet’s GI tract as they contain healthy bacteria in their inactive state. The process of including probiotics in chews or treats often kills the living organisms and destroys the viability of the supplement.
  • OPTIMIZES DIGESTIVE HEALTH - Our proven advanced formula DELIVERS RESULTS! It relieves dog and cat diarrhea, loose stools, gas, irritable bowels & nausea as well as helps to improve & support overall digestion.
  • CHOOSE A PROBIOTIC WITH LESS THAN 6 STRAINS – Each strain competes for absorption and colonization in the gut. “Extra” strains will dilute the valuable strains and can render the valuable strains less effective. Our pet probiotic contains 5 vital pet-specific strains to strengthen & boost your pet’s immune system.
  • CONTAINS PREBIOTIC INULIN – to enhance the activity of natural probiotics and give the healthy bacteria “food” to eat so they attach and multiply in the gut, fortifying the immune system.
  • GUARANTEED BEST PROBIOTIC - Our tasteless, odorless powder is pet-invisible, does not require refrigeration and is made in the USA. If you don’t experience what you believe is an improvement in your pet’s health, contact us for a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.