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ActiveGear Knee Brace Support Heavy Duty Neoprene Sport Compression Sleeve

ActiveGear Knee Brace Support Heavy Duty Neoprene Sport Compression Sleeve

$ 19.00

We process a high volume of Department Store overstock, open box and refurbished inventory. If the item is not new then we thoroughly inspect the item, note and take pictures of its condition. If this product is an open box item it may be missing manufacturer packaging. Any and all questions for this listing should be asked prior to shipping to ensure your satisfaction.

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ActiveGear believe in the power of movement. That's why we believe that every person should be free to move, exercise, and enjoy life - without restriction. ActiveGear knee sleeves are designed to give your joints the comfort and support they need - whether you're lifting weights or walking to work. They're the everyday solution to pain and discomfort in the lower body, using scientific research to offer practitioner-approved graduated therapy to the knee and surrounding muscles.


ActiveGear focus on delivering the everyday products that customers need to make the most of their bodies. From everyday support, to weight-loss solutions, there's something for everyone. This heavy-duty Neoprene sleeve is a 3D contoured solution for optimum knee compression, capable of relieving pressure, offering expert comfort, and improving coordination.

The Unique ActiveGear Design:

* Uses contouring neoprene material to warm and lubricate the joints
* Prevents injury by enhancing movement and circulation
* Is IWF and IPF legal for Raw and Open Competition
* Is designed with premium stitching for long-term durability
* Can be used for non-specific knee conditions and as part of rehabilitation processes
* Offers maximum comfort with no slippage

Who Can Benefit from ActiveGear Neoprene Compression Sleeves?

* ActiveGear knee compression is frequently used by cross trainers, Olympic weightlifters, and everyday people in search of knee support, it can eradicate symptoms of:
* Tired, aching, and swollen joints
* Muscle pain and excess pressure around the knee
* ACL and MCL discomfort
* Everyday stiffness or pain

Find your Perfect Fit

To purchase the correct size, measure around the kneecap, with the leg straight:

* XXL: 18 - 20 inches
* XL: 16.5 – 18 inches
* L: 15 – 16.5 inches.
* M: 13.5 – 15 inches.
* S: 11.5 – 13.5 inches.

Enhance Performance

* Supports the knee cap and joint when stationary and during motion
* Graduated compression technology supports circulation
* Minimizes joint oscillation for less risk of injury
* Ensures non-restricted supported performance

Improve Recovery

* Graduated compression enhances circulation which promotes healing
* Reduces fatigue and swelling after exercise or long periods of standing
* Helps to eliminate joint displacement and discomfort


* ✅#1 KNEE SUPPORT - For intense physical exercise / heavy lifting, post-surgery from MCL and ACL injuries.Note CHECK SIZE CHART before ordering (3rd image from the top left)
* ✅ LOVE OUR KNEE BRACE OR WE’LL REFUND YOUR MONEY -Imagine being able to run, play sports , or keep up with your kids again without the pain and instability . Easy on , full neoprene support with maximum compression ,Hurry , supply is limited.
* ✅ DON'T BUY A KNEE SUPPORT ANYWHERE ELSE BEFORE READING THIS - Please note: other knee support braces don't provide the level of support, are very stiff & uncomfortable, & won't last the test of time . Order yours now and you'll wish you found it years ago
* ✅ SUPER COMFORTABLE, KEEPS YOUR KNEE SUPPORTED WITHOUT RESTRICTING MOVEMENT. NOTHING COMPARES -Avoid Shopping around, you get what you pay for. Our meniscus ACL MCL brace is recommended by practitioners
* ✅ GET THE BEST SUPPORT WITHOUT SPENDING A FORTUNE ON OVERRATED SLEEVES -Ready to get back to business, w/o the pain? For what you’d spend on an evening out, relieve your pain & protect your knee instead . This purchase really makes sense
* ✅ THE ONLY BRACE DESIGNED TO KEEP YOUR KNEE SUPPORTED WHILE REDUCING PAIN -The best knee brace literally pays for itself by saving you time & money on trips to the Dr or chiropractor . Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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