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A Unique Eclectic Book of Essays

A Unique Eclectic Book of Essays

$ 6.65
CONDITION: used, like new As an essayist who is a rationalist that maintains a laconic style, John Mack titles his essays to the point! Being an ice-cream vendor (The Good Humor Man) however, forces him to be flavorful if you will. Since all the essay titles are dry but to the point--the exception being the one poem with a title that automatically conjures up a play on the title word 'Wondering', to wit, the word 'wandering'. His original title for the manuscript was 'A Rational View of Subjects; An Anthology', but then he realized that it was too droll sounding and came up with 'A Unique Eclectic Book of Essays' which is exactly what it is. Besides, who doesn't like the word 'eclectic'? It's also a good thing that he graduated from Southern Illinois University where his first creative juices started to flow.

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