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A Scientific Review of the Spirit

A Scientific Review of the Spirit

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I was born in Tabriz-Iran in 1923. I became a chemistry teacher after graduation from Teheran University. It was a wonderful occasion when I learned that I have gained the chance to be one of the ten teachers selected to visit the U.S.A. in 1959 to study in the education system there. I had the opportunity to see many research centers and points of industry and to take a three-month long university course on a topic of my choice. I have visited some of European countries and I visited the U.S.A. in 1999-2000. I have realized that though the people have better living facilities in the west, there is less love among the family members, as each person try to live alone and independently. People try to get away from one another because there is no love and fondness among them. So people are less happy, and they have lost their faith. Before Isaac Newton, people had little knowledge of the forces in the nature, because such forces are invisible. Spiritual forces are also invisible but people believe in their existence through faith just as they sense gravity through personal experiences. When we encounter such experiences, we ordinarily express them as miracles. Let me tell you about one such experience: my mother had an ugly wart on her hand, she asked my brother who was going to graduate from medical school to help her get rid of it. My brother advised her that the only remedy was to remove the wart surgically. Instead my mother asked to be taken to a small church, saint Mary's in Teheran. My brother took her there. The next morning when all had gathered around the table for breakfast, my mother washed up and prayed, then she came and join us, before sitting down she stretched out both her hands. The wart was no longer there. The explanation is that a spiritual function was carried on between two entities, one my mother's spiritual force acting as receptor, the other one The Holy Spirit, as the transmitter. Spiritual forces dominate over physical entities. Among li

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