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A Manager's Guide to Employment Law: How to Protect Your Company and Yourself

A Manager's Guide to Employment Law: How to Protect Your Company and Yourself

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"Managers face potential legal issues on a daily basis. If you manage people, you should read this book. At times it seems that employee advocacy and protecting company rights and assets are at odds with each other; this book offers a practical approach to attaining both simultaneously!" — DeShawn Clayton, human resources manager, The Pepsi Bottling Group

"It's clear that experience and common sense are not enough to insure that you will avoid legal issues involving all the aspects of managing people. In A Manager's Guide to Employment Law, Dana Muir provides us with some compelling examples and clear explanations that underscore this point." — John E. Brune, supervisor specialty engine and components, Powertrain R&D, Ford Motor Company

"Everyone who manages people will want to read this book. In today's work environment no manager can afford to make mistakes that result in legal liability." — Jack Sinometti, Adjunct Professor of Executive Education, University of Michigan

Managers at all levels are constantly challenged to do more with fewer employees, to motivate diverse groups of people, and to face up to tough people problems in their workforces. An important key to managers' success is accomplishing these goals while protecting themselves and their companies from legal liability. Yet some in management tend to blame legal requirements for hindering progress toward solving problems. U.S. law, however, provides managers with broad discretion in many employment situations and in most cases helps ensure that managers perform their essential functions in a way that is fundamentally fair while still supporting company goals.

A Manager's Guide to Employment Law will help managers make day-to-day decisions on how best to manage their employees and handle issues of legal liability. Expert author Dana Muir identifies the subtle and unnecessary mistakes managers make that cause legal headaches and shows how becoming familiar with basic principles of employment law will enable them to develop an internal compass to help make the right decisions. Each chapter focuses on legal concepts of broad application in today's workplace, providing real exam ples of problems managers face and offering strategies for addressing those problems.

Unlike most employment law books for managers, A Manager's Guide to Employment Law avoids legalese and is organized around the issues that actually arise in today's workplace, including hiring and promoting employees, checking employee references, evaluating employees, terminating employees, avoiding illegal discrimination and minimizing liability if it does occur, managing employees with disabilities and issues of lost work time, and more. Full of invaluable practical advice, this book shows how familiarity with legal principles can help managers select, motivate, and lead their employees with greater confidence and effectiveness.

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