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316 Stainless Steel Shoulder Screw, Hex Socket Drive, Standard Tolerance, Meets ASME B18.3, 3/8" Shoulder Diameter, 6" Shoulder Length, Partially Threaded, 5/16"-18 Threads, 1/2" Thread Length, Made in US, (Pack of 1)

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Socket Shoulder Bolts are also known as Stripper Bolts after their original use in the stripper plate of a die set for stamping presses. Now used in many more applications, including precision electronics, construction, machinery, exercise equipment, automotive, and general industrial and manufacturing. The Shoulder Bolt has a Socket Head that is nicely finished (with or without knurling on the outside of the head) and the hex broach provides fast and secure tightening. The shoulder has a close tolerance to the minus side, so it fits correctly into precision machined holes. Threads are manufactured to a class 3A fit, which is a tigher tolerance than the standard fastener class 2A thread specification.

  • Shoulder Bolts have a precision undersize tolerance on the shoulder for a close tolerance fit
  • Shoulder Bolts are used as pivot points, pins, axles, for sliding applications, and precision bolting
  • 18-8 Stainless Steel provides a blend of corrosion resistance with strengh and durability
  • Shoulder Bolts have a finished appearance suitable for exposed applications
  • Class 3A Threads provide a superior thread fit

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