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2 Pack Easi Pee Disposable Urine Bags

2 Pack Easi Pee Disposable Urine Bags

$ 5.90
Easi Pee is a unisex disposable urine bag that is hygienic, odorless and leak proof for when a restroom is unavailable. The unisex spout makes it easy for anyone to use. Once the urine, vomit or other liquid is inside of the bag and sealed, the absorbent pouch solidifies the liquid into gel. Easi Pee also includes a plastic bag to place the used P bag into for easy disposal. The P-bag is made of Polyethylene. The Super-absorbent polymer pouch is made of PP resin. All parts are recyclable. Easi Pee design is also made for elderly and those with limited mobility. Handy for driving, camping and hiking.

  • Disposable Urine Bag
  • Designed for Unisex, Elderly, and Limited Mobility Use
  • Liquid into Gel
  • Great for Hiking, camping, driving, and places with limited restroom availability
  • Hygienic, Odorless and Leakproof

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