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Denso 950-0166 Fuel Pump

Denso 950-0166 Fuel Pump

$ 58.99
The Premier Fuel Pump Supplier: DENSO is the world's premier OE fuel pump supplier. DENSO uses expertise to produce their First Time Fit line of pumps. Because DENSO's rigorous manufacturing and testing process produces each fuel pump, you can be sure it meets our high standards for fit and performance. You've Got Options: The DENSO First Time Fit line of fuel pumps is available in kit form or as individual pumps and filters. You can purchase pumps and filters alone or purchase a fuel pump kit which includes an installation kit and a fuel pump filter - just another example of how, with DENSO, you get what you need to do the job right the first time.

  • Denso # 950-0166

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